Greta Kerinaiua

POSITION: Machinist, Printer, Designer, Artist, Cutter, Official DriverGreta Kerinaiua

BORN: 20/01/1964, Nguiu, Bathurst Island
SKIN GROUP: Warntarringuwi
CLAN: Jikilawu


MEDIUMS: Fabric, Linocuts, Etching, Painting

DESIGNS: Red Flower

I am Greta Kerinaiua. I live at Forrestry suburb. I like to go hunting for crab. I like watching AFL on TV - also cricket and rugby union. My favourite AFL player is Buddy Franklin.

At work I am the official driver and often do grocery runs from the airport and transport our staff when needed, to and from the local health clinic.

I enjoy the print making workshops we do with Charles Darwin University on the mainland. We usually spend a week here at our workshop with a visiting tutor, then a week in Darwin at the University art dept. We have done lino cuts, metal plate etchings and screen printing. Our next workshop is painting and more etching.