Agnes Mary Portaminni

POSITION: Machinist, Designer, Artist, Retail & BankingAgnes Mary Portaminni

BORN: 08/06/1959, Nguiu, Bathurst Island
SKIN GROUP: Takaringuwi
CLAN: Malawu, Pujinllowu


MEDIUMS: Fabric design, Linocuts, Etching

DESIGNS: Yirrikipayi (Vicki’s design)

My name is Agnes Mary Portaminni. I am married to Andrew and live at Enrail suburb.

My main job at Bima Wear is to manage our retail shop. I sew, cut and print and recently have started designing silkscreens for all over fabric prints. My first screen Yirrikipayi is known to us as ‘Vicki’s design’'. My nickname is Vicki.

I like hunting for mangrove worm. I like watching AFL on TV - my team is Brisbane Lions. My son played for Brisbane Bears. My two sons are very good football players, their names are Adam and Shane Kerinaiua. I like Tiwi footy, singing and dancing.

I enjoy doing some of the modelling for our Bima Wear fashion shoots with Monica Napper. We have been to all different locations on Bathurst Island.

I spend a lot of my spare time with my six grandchildren, Shaun, Henry, Julie, Adam Jr. Timmy and Shannon (Bubble)